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Create your own Web2Print editors and let your clients customize their print products online

Frank Bültge - 26.05.2014 11:28:33

There are many Web-to-Print solutions available that you can employ in a variety of areas. In this article – and with this demonstration application – we would like to introduce you to the advantages of our own solution. One feature of DirectSmile Cross Media is that you can build your own customized applications without needing special skills or a lot of effort.


Let users upload photos and integrate database uploads for variable print documents - all without programming. Build forms or connect your products to social networks and get leads and sales by word-of-mouth.


You can’t get more flexibility or scalability anywhere else. Position yourself in a profitable market with this unrivalled VDP and Web-to-Print technology.


Try out our demo application here.


Fields of application

With a Web2Print Editor your clients can edit print materials online, customize and order them. 


Here are a few fields of application:

  • Printed mailings with QR codes (Print-to-Web) and personalized images
  • Individualized postcards, greeting or business cards
  • Invitations and flyers
  • Labels
  • Calendars
  • As a marketing tool for generating leads



Functions and Advantages

This app uses the following features of DirectSmile Cross Media:




Image Personalization 


- Higher responste rates

- Emotional response

QR codes & PURLs 


- Bridge from print to web: QR codes as a link

   to personalized landing pages (PURLs)

VDP documents    







- Design and personalization through a web-

  based editor, without extra software

- Customization of print products on demand

- Upload function for graphics, photos and


- Export function for high-resolution PDF


Social Media Integration


- Sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn

- Sharing, likes and tweets

HTML5 Technology


- Compatible with all devices and browsers

- Touch functionality


In the background, or in the creation and administration of the app, the following features also come into play:




CRM integration and databases



- Data are saved directly from the registration  

  form into a database or a CRM system


Planning & automation


- Automated order confirmation and follow-up


CMS & multi-language support






- Creation of (personalized) web pages via

  drag & drop

- Centralized administration of applications

  and content

- Quick translation into different languages

   through modular content

Analytics & stats


- Statistics and results in real time

- Individual dashboards



Take a look at the demonstration application to learn how the Web2Print editor handles personalized and individualized greeting cards.






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