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Jörn Hennemann - 10.09.2013 12:00:18


High response rates demonstrate that printed advertising letters are the increasingly key success factor of Cross Media Campaigns. One reason is the mere fact that the contact time by the physical property of print media is much higher than through digital media. Once a window in the browser is closed, it stays usually closed. Now there's life in the old dog yet, and it's time to rediscover the printed items of correspondence. Thanks to Marketing Automation we can achieve a very high ROI if we use the help of Image Personalization and Variable Data Printing to be able to convert target groups into target persons. I'll show you in the following three sections, how to get the full attention of your customers with your next mailing campaigns.

1. The „Emailbox full – Mailbox is empty“ phenomenon

2. Overcome the recipient's Firewall and be perceived through Image Personalization

3. How to manage Cross Media skillfully

1. The „Emailbox full – Mailbox is empty“ phenomenon

It is nowadays almost an exotic feeling to receive personal advertising by mail that you can touch. After I came back from my two weeks summer vacation, I had an empty mailbox and a crowded Email Account. If I would had found as many messageses in my mailbox as I had found in my Email Account, I defenitely had to quadruple the space of my mailbox. Instead I found in my mailbox only a gaping void. In my private e-mail account, however, there are nearly 100 emails, of which only three are not advertising. Those advertising emails will disappear forever in my long list of unread emails. None of the email sender has tried to reach me via the classical channel of mail. According to survey results, only 20 percent of sent newsletters were opened in 2010, the trend is decreasing.

Note: Use the phenomenon of the empty mailboxes even if the costs seem to be high, the achieved ROI should be convincing.

2. Overcome the recipient's Firewall and be perceived through Image Personalization

It is estimated that every day we are contacted with up to 10,000 advertising messages. A few years ago the estimates were „only“ about 3,000 advertising messages per day. Thanks to our mental Firewall we recognize only the tip of the iceberg from this large number of advertising messages. The mental Firewall protects us against the immense flood of information and the seduction of the creative. Information and emotions are categorized and filtered through the Firewall, a categorical advertising message is quickly blocked and passes only through expensive repetitions into the minds of the recipients. Thus, future advertising campaigns must be precisely targeted so that the recipient is personally addressed and does not feel forced into a categorical drawer. Image Personalization breaks the rules of the internal Firewall. If the receiver recognizes himself in advertising campaigns he could be easily kidnapped by interactive cross-media. With every step and on every level the lead should experience a new surprise. Image and Video Personalization helps to keep the lead surprised. By printed QR codes, or personal codes you make the leap from paper back into the online world. But always welcome the lead with a PURL, please. According to reports, as two digit response rates were achieved, the initiator was always an Image Personalized Printing Mail.

Note: Use the possibilities of Image Personalization in order to attract more attention and to get deeper into the emotional world of your customers.

3. How to manage Cross Media skillfully

Everything sounds easy up till now, butto optimize the campaignyou have to know which workflow has to be done by your IT and other departments. You need access to data on every level of communication. Probably your Project Management Firewall turns and asks, "How can we coordinate the interplay between Marketing, IT, Design, Management and Sales. How do we use the CRM data? Do we have the resources, do we have the time? Should I close this blog soon, before the sole idea of the stress in the project will overwhelm me?" Please sit back and relax, because Direct Smile has developed the perfect solution for you. With the help of modern Marketing Automation you will experience simple and easy workflows in practice. You will be able to create perfect interactive Cross Media Marketing Campaigns much faster. You really don't need a lot of expertise to manage and to evaluate the project at any time. The market, the growing number of sold licences and the success of our customers speaks for itself. Visit the website, see the product video, and come into direct contact with our Sales Team.

Note: Use Marketing Automation of Direct Smile to achieve the best results with your projects and to maintain control.


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