AIDA or just DA? What you should keep in mind when you are creating content for Inbound Marketing

Jörn Hennemann - 08.10.2013 10:51:48

Inbound and outbound are currently the hottest tags in marketing. Made famous by the call center's direct marketing campaigns, you can clearly distinguish between the dreaded outbound "cold call" and the service-oriented inbound call. Why should you make sure to check out the sales approach of all online marketing in order to optimize your inbound and outbound activities?


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Call Center and Inbound Online Marketing have something in common. The crucial distinguishing factor is from whom the call originates, because this will influence the content and the way the communication is designed. You can say it's inbound if the client initiates the communication (pull), and it's outbound if the customer is directly addressed (push). What's the genius of the new theory of Inbound Marketing? It is tailored to our knowledge society, because it is about the dissemination of relevant information. All inbound marketing activities are focused on one goal: Your customer has to find your information.

Inbound Marketing and Search Engines

Whether B2B or B2C, today it is very important to put yourself in the person’s shoes who is searching for your information. Over 90 percent are using Google as their favorite search engine. That´s where the demand for content will remain, and that's why SEO and SEA are still important topics. But beware, Google does not want to provide information for machines, therefore Google constantly adapts its search algorithms to provide relevant information for real people. Companies should concentrate in particular on the quality of their content, because a good ranking in the search engine won't be enough to guarantee their future. If no relevant content is offered in a timely fashion, many SEO and SEA measures become insignificant. No relevant content means no conversion. The winners are those companies who combine the activities of marketing and sales to match the seeker’s needs by using relevant information through Inbound Marketing to convert the seekers into hot leads.

How to create relevant content?

I guess you still know the AIDA formula from your first marketing lectures. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. That's the psychological superstructure of many campaigns. Let's go back to the comparison with a call center: When you make an inbound call, do you really want to hear a summary about the company's business, or do you want to discuss specific issues? You have already placed a concrete desire and now you want to know if the company you are calling is a suitable partner in order to make your wish come true. Inbound Marketing requires the attention and interest of the customers, because they are already looking for solutions on your website. Therefore desire and action must be focused on Inbound Marketing Activities. If you are planning your future content, do not steal your content's relevance by spending too much effort on attention and interest. Remember, you have already won the attention and interest, you can safely delete the A and the I of the AIDA formula. Your website visitors must be able to find out on their own if you can fulfill their desires through your product or your service. Everybody likes to make informed purchase decisions. You have to set your content apart from your competitor's content.  The more factual and detailed the better.

Don't forget to combine Inbound und Outbound

You have to separate free content and notifiable content in order to get your website visitor’s data as early as possible. Once you have received the customer’s data you have made the transition point to Outbound Marketing. But when is the best time to change from inbound to outbound? Which content should only be available for registered website visitors? You can read more about these topics in my next blog.



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