The 5 Basic Questions of Inbound Marketing

Frank Bültge - 14.11.2013 14:57:44

Content StrategyIf you want to attract prospects or customers with Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing, then you are going to ask yourself the basic questions: WHAT sparks interest and WHEN and HOW you will reach a person.  You pursue goals and know: WHO is interested in your offer and WHY you are conducting Content Marketing.



WHY You are Conducting Content Marketing

You most likely want to:

  • Make your brand or company known, meaning generate attention
  • Reach prospects, especially qualified leads
  • Gain customers by spreading appealing and compelling content
  • Retain customers that you were already able to convince with your products or services

These goals are clear and measurable. Go beyond and name a few concrete sub-goals, such as:

  • Generate 25% more leads by X day
  • Raise the view/click ratio by a total of 20% CTR
  • Increase revenue per customer from 47€ to 55€ per shopping cart
  • Strengthen customer loyalty, get 15% more repeat purchases


WHO Is Interested in Your Offer

Perhaps more target audiences than you originally thought? You should individually analyze and define each one as precisely as possible.

  • Who are your potential customers?
  • What problems, needs, and interests do they have?

Analyze your customer database and create a profile of your best customers based on demographic data and click behavior along with an assessment of their backgrounds, motivations, and needs. Create a detailed customer profile and give it a “personality”:

  • Name: Martin, the over worked manager
  • Job Title or Role: Marketing & Community Manager
  • Industry, Branch, and Company Info: Music Industry, Global Player
  • Demographic Info: Age, Location, Nationality
  • Interests/Click Behavior: Marketing Automation, Product Information

Formulate questions with regard to this profile. This will help you to better understand potential customers and address them more specifically.

  • What are the problems your prospects are trying to solve?
  • What are they most interested in?
  • In what phase of the sales process are they?


WHAT Works and Sparks Interest

With Content Marketing it isn’t about what interests you or your boss. It’s solely about your target audience and they are interested in thing such as:  

  • Relevant topics related to your products and services: Be informative and give your leads and customers an edge through knowledge.
  • Product Information: Mention the features and details of your offer.
  • Usage Examples: Publish case studies, How-To’s, and Tips & Tricks      
  • Questions about products or services: Your company’s customer service and sales personnel will be able supply you with a lot of input on this matter.  


WHEN You Can Reach Prospects

Integrate your content in the sales process! In order to ultimately turn prospects into customers, it sometimes requires quite a bit of persuasion. Make sure that you provide content for all of the phases of the buying process.    


The Buying Cycle


HOW You Can Reach Prospects

Think about how you can optimally integrate content and channels in the buying process.

  • Attention: E.g. Blog Posts, Social Media Updates
  • Research: E.g. Whitepapers, E-Books, Industry Reports, Webinars
  • Compare: E.g. Case Studies, Demos, Reviews, References
  • Buy: E.g. Reports, Detailed Product Info, Offers






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