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Test online creation of business cards with personalized images and QR codes

Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 14:03:48

Build your own W2P applications

Here's one small example of a web-to-print application that was entirely built with DirectSmile: Generate your own print-ready business cards including personalized images and QR codes. Whether it's the online user interface for business cards orders, the actual print documents, or the workflow, there is no external software involved.

Test the campaign



Reliable technology for online document creation and image personalization has been our core competence for almost a decade. Now it's seamlessly combined with our easy-to-use web design tools giving you the flexibility to implement exactly the applications you or your customers desire.


Test the campaign





  • Mathieu Peeters wrote on 06.02.2014 22:27:13
    Testcase for Canon Corporate Identity
  • Tan Thomas wrote on 28.03.2014 02:19:46
    send urgent
  • Branislava Karna wrote on 2016-01-20 13:57:59Z
  • Mitchel Nijdam wrote on 2016-06-20 14:18:41Z
    How can I copy/use this project as an example?
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