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Generate leads from Facebook. It was never easier to build an App!

Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 14:12:07

Get leads from Facebook!

A big challenge in Facebook marketing is to get leads out of Facebook and into your database. The only solution is to create a Facebook app and supply the audience with some entertainment - Then you will get access to the users' data.

Facebook Application

So far this has been a rather complex process with lots of programming involved. We have changed this: With Directsmile Cross Media you can build data Facebook apps without using a single line of code. In its full approach, it is the first tool of its class.

And more: You have the toolset for creative applications with images, text, and personalization.
So finally: everything you need for success.


Facebook Application





  • Kevin Klansky wrote on 2016-09-27 20:12:41Z
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