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The campaign that will help you to sell your own cross media campaigns

Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 14:51:37

VDP has never been easier

DirectSmile Cross Media comes with its own integrated VDP tool. It runs in your browser and allows the online creation of variable print documents. The big advantage: all media including e-mail, web, mobile, and print are in one place, on one server, and they are easy to reproduce.

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Increase response rates with campaign management

Combining print, e-mail, and personalized landing pages is your success formula for direct marketing. After sending a printed mail piece, follow up with reminder e-mails. This will massively increase response rates. Thanks to the integrated Campaign Management tool, this process is fully automated. If an e-mail address is available, a reminder will automatically be sent by e-mail, if not, the reminder is sent by post mail. And of course, the reminders are only sent to contacts who have not responded to the first mail.



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