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Build an asset management system to support clients with marketing collaterals

Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 15:48:51

Organize your marketing materials with a simple Cross Media campaign

Thanks to the extensive resource management of DirectSmile Cross Media, you are able to upload, display and distribute all kinds of marketing materials such as logos, images, brochures, or presentations. The automatic conversion supports multiple types of media including EPS, PDF, CMYK-TIFs and many more.


Personalized collaterals on demand

Collateral on demand has never been easier. Whether for versioning or personalization, you simply build a website with DirectSmile Cross Media to make your Cross Media Documents available. Let visitors select materials, personalize and download them, or send them to your workflow system for printing and shipping with just one mouse click.


DirectSmile's asset management system

At DirectSmile, we created our own asset management system using DirectSmile Cross Media. Some resources like logos, illustrations, and resources are accessible for everyone. Registered partners can download resources such as manuals, logos, brochures, and illustrations from a password-protected platform.

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