Mini Mobile CRM

Taking cross media to the limits - A unique sales tool for mobile devices

Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 16:01:08

A marketing weapon in the hands of your sales team

The Mini Mobile CRM allows your sales team to keep track of their leads, create reminders, and most importantly: trigger marketing activities directly from their smart phones.


The Mini Mobile CRM is a small CRM system entirely realized as a Cross Media campaign

Imagine what this could mean for a B2B sales team. Every sales person would have the perfect marketing weapon in his hands. They could easily send an invitation, a birthday card, or the latest marketing collaterals to their prospects, including their own lead-specific messages.

By implementing sales-focused Web-to-Print concepts, you will help your customers to sell more and streamline their sales processes. Even if there is no CRM system available, you still will have a perfect solution: DirectSmile's Mini Mobile CRM app. 

All a sales representative has to do in order to remote control the marketing department, is enter in his lead data. By offering this tool as a service provider, you will become truly indispensable for your clients.



Scan this code with your mobile


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