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Use your Salesforce data for web-to-print marketing on demand!

Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 16:40:01

Simply access third-party data from CRM systems such as Salesforce

Build Cross Media campaigns with all their possibilities: PURLs, e-mails, mobile and printed documents, use the uploaded data as usual, or connect directly to your Salesforce CRM account.

Just imagine how much marketing power this will give you. All your sales people can directly access marketing applications that will help them to sell.

Test the campaign


The sample campaign: sending an invitation card

Our small sample campaign allows you to search all your Salesforce contacts. Select contacts and pick a date for an event. You can decide whether to send a printed invitation card or the PDF as an e-mail attachment.


The entire campaign is realized with the Cross Media Designer. Data, documents and websites - everything is created without coding or html.

Test the campaign





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