• Frank Bültge - 23.03.2015 15:19:12
    What's the difference between growing printer and declining printers?

    Did you know that 94% of all multi-channel campaigns include print? And, although 68% of print buyers are looking for cross media, only 20% of commercial printers are offering it?
    These and many more striking facts are part of our brand-new attractively illustrated wrap-up of studies about VDP, cross media and the printing industry. Have fun reading!

  • Falk Dörner - 11.11.2014 08:20:22

    Invitation Campaign

    See how easy you will turn an event invitation into a true cross media experience that will bring you more visitors and create a lasting positive impact. In this quick walkthrough you will explore all basic features of a personalized multi-touch campaign.

  • Frank Bültge - 17.07.2014 14:11:20
    A household name for greeting cards on the web

    If you ask any British consumer where to buy personalized greetings cards online, it ́s extremely likely that the answer will be Funky Pigeon. During the two years between the company starting up under its brand-name in 2008, and its sale to WHSmith in 2010, Funky Pigeon has seen unparalleled growth of sales and market share, with tens of thousands of designs and products available on its web portal.

  • Frank Bültge - 26.05.2014 11:28:33

    Web2Print Editor

    There are many Web-to-Print solutions available that you can employ in a variety of areas. In this article – and with this demonstration application – we would like to introduce you to the advantages of our own solution. One feature of DirectSmile Cross Media is that you can build your own customized applications without needing special skills or a lot of effort.

  • Falk Dörner - 07.03.2014 22:03:11


    Create your own printable calendar, or one for a client, right now and experience the positive impact it has.

    Whether it's B2C or B2B: Products with image personalization are always extremely helpful when trying to reach marketing goals.

  • Falk Dörner - 08.03.2014 12:54:27

    University Website

    Variable Content and a Clever Tell-a-Friend Mechanism

    In many countries, universities are faced with the task of actively recruiting new students. Our university demo-website shows effective mechanisms that help to address potential students individually through the web.

  • Falk Dörner - 05.12.2013 15:18:12

    Online Marketing Portal

    Providing marketing materials to a large sales organization

    The Dental Instruments Marketing Center is a B2B portal that provides a broad variety of marketing materials to the large network of resellers of a producer of dentists' equipment. This database-driven media production center features advanced DirectSmile capabilities that range from online document configuration to data relations for user management.

  • Falk Dörner - 05.12.2013 12:10:36

    E-Mail & Event Invitation

    E-mail to print: An invitation campaign

    For the release of the new Actros truck, Mercedes Benz invited their VIP customers to a special event. As a first step, the company sent out e-mails to all VIPs.The e-mails included a link to a personal URL website (PURL).

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 12:14:31

    HP Sales Support

    Send personal messages on impressive personalized print pieces

    SEPP was created in DirectSmile Cross Media to provide an easy to use tool to configure print pieces.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 16:53:18

    Marketing Analytics

    Easy to create, in-depth information

    In DirectSmile Cross Media you can use the ready made charts in your own layouts to create dashboards in your clients corporate identity.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 16:40:01

    Data Connectivity

    Simply access third-party data from CRM systems such as Salesforce

    Build Cross Media campaigns with all their possibilities: PURLs, e-mails, mobile and printed documents, use the uploaded data as usual, or connect directly to your Salesforce CRM account.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 16:01:08

    Mini Mobile CRM


    A marketing weapon in the hands of your sales team

    The Mini Mobile CRM allows your sales team to keep track of their leads, create reminders, and most importantly: trigger marketing activities directly from their smart phones.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 15:48:51

    Asset Management

    Organize your marketing materials with a simple Cross Media campaign

    Thanks to the extensive resource management of DirectSmile Cross Media, you are able to upload, display and distribute all kinds of marketing materials such as logos, images, brochures, or presentations. The automatic conversion supports multiple types of media including EPS, PDF, CMYK-TIFs and many more.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 14:51:37

    Campaign Management

    VDP has never been easier

    DirectSmile Cross Media comes with its own integrated VDP tool. It runs in your browser and allows the online creation of variable print documents. The big advantage: all media including e-mail, web, mobile, and print are in one place, on one server, and they are easy to reproduce.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 14:12:07

    EnergyX Facebook App

    Get leads from Facebook!

    A big challenge in Facebook marketing is to get leads out of Facebook and into your database. The only solution is to create a Facebook app and supply the audience with some entertainment - Then you will get access to the users' data.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 14:03:48

    Business Cards

    Build your own W2P applications

    Here's one small example of a web-to-print application that was entirely built with DirectSmile: Generate your own print-ready business cards including personalized images and QR codes. Whether it's the online user interface for business cards orders, the actual print documents, or the workflow, there is no external software involved.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 12:59:03

    Merchandising Sales

    Involve customers, let them be creative

    By using DirectSmile Cross Media, you are combining the advantages of image personalization, document design and mobile websites.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 12:14:31

    Tell-a-Friend Campaign

    Customers generate new customers

    This campaign was created by a German print service provider Grunewald from Kassel for LOVEFiLM, the online video service from Amazon.
    6,000 customers received image personalized postcards as an invitation to visit their landing pages and to invite their friends to try out LOVEFiLM.

  • Frank Bültge - 14.11.2013 14:57:44
    The 5 Basic Questions of Inbound Marketing

    If you want to attract prospects or customers with Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing, then you are going to ask yourself the basic questions: WHAT sparks interest and WHEN and HOW you will reach a person.  You pursue goals and know: WHO is interested in your offer and WHY you are conducting Content Marketing.

  • Jörn Hennemann - 08.10.2013 10:51:48
    AIDA or just DA? What you should keep in mind when you are creating content for Inbound Marketing

    Inbound and outbound are currently the hottest tags in marketing. Made famous by the call center's direct marketing campaigns, you can clearly distinguish between the dreaded outbound "cold call" and the service-oriented inbound call. Why should you make sure to check out the sales approach of all online marketing in order to optimize your inbound and outbound activities?

  • Jörn Hennemann - 13.09.2013 14:58:20
    New app: Marketing Portal

    Do you already know our App Center? The App Center features many interactive examples of applications that were built with DirectSmile. The Marketing Portal is our latest App. Even if we are talking about dental instruments, try out online how state of the art Marketing Automation really works. I guarantee that it does not hurt.

  • Jörn Hennemann - 10.09.2013 12:00:18
    Print is back. You can't close a paper, but you can close your browser window

    High response rates demonstrate that printed advertising letters are the increasingly key success factor of Cross Media Campaigns. One reason is the mere fact that the contact time by the physical property of print media is much higher than through digital media. Once a window in the browser is closed, it stays usually closed. Now there's life in the old dog yet, and it's time to rediscover the printed items of correspondence. Thanks to Marketing Automation we can achieve a very high ROI if we use the help of Image Personalization and Variable Data Printing to be able to convert target groups into target persons. I'll show you in the following three sections, how to get the full attention of your customers with your next mailing campaigns.

  • Johannes Goebel - 06.09.2013 13:33:05
    DirectSmile to support state-of-the-art Inbound Marketing and PDF/VT

    Read the latest press release from DirectSmile:
    Berlin/Chicago/Cologne, September 06, 2013 - DirectSmile today announced that its easy-to-use marketing automation software will feature full integration with a variety of input media, as well as a variety of output media, and reliable rendering in workflows powered by the Adobe® PDF Print Engine. This month the solution will be showcased in Chicago at Print13 and in Cologne at dmexco 2013.


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