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How marketing departments
profit from DirectSmile

Implement the processes you need

Most marketing automation solutions only work efficiently when you adhere to certain structures. DirectSmile means freedom! Thanks to its immense flexibility you'll create solutions that fit your processes just as they are. In fact, we'll be pleased to meet you for a workshop with your team and show you live how our solution could improve any individual process.

Unleash the potential of your team

DirectSmile enables your marketing team to implement new ideas without asking for new budget. This does not only avoid frustration, it also adds massive productivity to the marketing department. What's more: everyone who has been working with printed media will also be able to do online marketing, and vice versa.

Extend your CRM, relieve your IT

Wouldn't it be great to have cross-media marketing tools that work directly with your CRM data? The IT department will be spared the recurring task of preparing and exporting data for marketing activities, and there's even more in it: You will never again lose any campaign results!

Track for constant improvement

Today, it goes without saying that any marketing activity must be measurable. DirectSmile not only gives you the tools to increase your knowledge, it also allows you to utilize this knowledge faster. Improve your campaigns even while they are running and adapt processes on the fly. And for your management presentation you'll find all the statistics you need to prove your success.

Create and manage all media, all data and all processes using just one integrated tool. Seamless connectivity means faster, more cost-effective realization. There's no need for programming at all.
Turn Social Media contacts into sales leads through your website. With our solution you’ll build data-driven websites, track and score visitors and nurture leads by sending follow-up messages.
Solve any marketing problem with a tailor-made app that does exactly what you need. You don't have to ask the IT department or hire programmers to improve external and internal processes.

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