Features and Benefits

DirectSmile Cross Media Version 6 offers outstanding features for print services, Cross Media and Marketing Automation. On this page you will find a summary of some highlights. Please contact us directly if you need further information.

CRM Integration

From now on you can simply access data from your CRM system and use them in every campaign, app or your corporate website. On the other hand you will find powerful features to track and evaluate your visitors' interactions. Details on any customer action can also be stored in your CRM system directly. With automated data synchronization on both ends, your CRM data will always be up-to-date.

Web2Print Editor

The Web2Print Editor is an HTML-based end customer layout tool for customized print production in campaigns with touch device support. Visitors of your website who use the Editor will thus be able not only to personalize an existing design, but to arrange their own layouts. You can even let your customers upload their databases to order personalized marketing materials. Check out this demo to get an idea!

Professional Workflow

Configure output automation, sort before imposition or individually schedule the distribution of print data that are generated through web applications.

With DirectSmile's Professional Workflow and other features for the automation of processes and routines you will save a lot of time.

Cookie Tracking

Using this feature you will save all visitors' actions in a cookie. This means you can track every visitor even if you don't know who he is. When your leads finally leave some data you can customize your communication according to their complete click history. You will need this feature for professional lead scoring and nurturing.

Lead Scoring

You can associate every action of your leads and customers with a score. Finally, follow-up actions like emails or nurturing campaigns can be triggered automatically when a certain value is reached. With an elaborated lead scoring logic you know immediately when leads can be passed on to the sales.


This feature allows you to implement new campaigns or applications by reusing existing constructs or functions in other contexts.
Entire applications, campaigns or constructs can be exported and imported including relations and databases.

Extensions Items and Scripts - The Maximum of Flexibility

Innovative software is always flexible and expandable to meet individual needs and demands. Our community is constantly developing new extensions or scripts - for everyone and for free. Since the latest version of DirectSmile Crossmedia you can integrate HTML5 Plugins or online services that provide an interface for developers (API).

Responsive Design

It was never been easier to build full responsive pages! A complete list of extension items enables you to create responsive websites with the Crossmedia Designer. All items support three display modes: Desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Check out the Extension and our video tutorial for more information.


Add eye-catching animations to your apps and websites. With the integration of HTML5 Plugins or CSS3 you can build beautiful things. Check out this tutorial, which explains how to realize animations like the banner at the top of this page in a few minutes. Also take a look at out our Inbound Marketing Game "Need For Lead"!

Google Integration

Integrate Google products and services in your apps or campaigns. With our flexible architecture you can easily connect to Google API's and visualize data with Charts, send print jobs directly to Google Drive, integrate G+ or Maps. There are endless possibilities for extension and customization of our software in many application areas.