Characters Designers

How HTML experts and designers
profit from DirectSmile

Graphic designers

You won't need any html skills to create a website

Believe or not: even the coolest web designs can be created by drag-and-drop. And we're not talking about fixed templates where you'll need an HTML professional for every little tweak. In fact, you can do an entire corporate website like this one without a single line of HTML code, even if the site includes database functionality. Designing e-mails is as easy, and you can be sure that they will look fine in any mail client.

HTML experts

Become independent from
backend developers

Using DirectSmile there's no need for backend programming, PHP and dodgy database stuff. You can completely focus on creating great interactive frontends because all database features simply come out of the box. You'll be stunned how easy it is to create and import data and even build websites that are running directly on data from a CRM system. By the way: In DirectSmile you can use every HTML, CSS and Java script.

Get rid of the boring jobs

Resizing images in Photoshop and building borders out of tables is not exactly the thrilling part of the job. Here's software that brings back the fun and lets you do what you can do best: building the cutting-edge modules and extensions, while the routine tasks are taken over by the software - or even by your colleagues from the design department who are finally able to produce the day-to-day web designs themselves.
Create and manage all media, all data and all processes using just one integrated tool. Seamless connectivity means faster, more cost-effective realization. There's no need for programming at all.
Turn Social Media contacts into sales leads through your website. With our solution you’ll build data-driven websites, track and score visitors and nurture leads by sending follow-up messages.
Include variable print pieces in all campaigns and marketing processes. Create your own W2P and print-on-demand applications. You will always rely on our proven VDP technologies.
Use market-leading image personalization in all media. Whether high-volume printing or multi-channel campaigns, creating and integrating is easy, you can even use personalized videos.
Solve any marketing problem with a tailor-made app that does exactly what you need. You don't have to ask the IT department or hire programmers to improve external and internal processes.

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