Inbound Marketing Overview

Generate qualified leads
from Social Media with

Inbound Marketing

The best way to catch the attention of potential leads is to offer them interesting and relevant content. And social media is the most effective method to spread this content. DirectSmile's solution includes all you need to catch and convert social media contacts into spending customers and capitalize on the proven concept of Inbound Marketing.

This is how our solution will help you to implement Inbound Marketing

Lead Generation, Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing

Lead Generation

To use your website effectively to capture leads, you'll need to connect Content Management and CRM data. Using DirectSmile there's no need for extensive database programming to reach this goal. That's because all layouts, content and data are managed on just one system that automatically synchronizes with your CRM.

Lead Scoring

DirectSmile allows you to simply qualify each visitor of your website. You will track all activities of a lead on your site and how often he's performing a certain action and thus create his individual score. You're free to define the value of an activity and how you would like to react if a certain score is reached.

Lead Nurturing

Decide which follow-up activity for which leads is triggered at which moment. Our Campaign Manager lets you set-up automated time-based sending of any media just by a few mouse-clicks. That's how you will supply any lead with the right messages to ensure he won't get lost during the decision-making period.

Website activities

Turn your website into
a communication hub

Inbound marketing means: focus each and every marketing activity on your website. Take people to your site by blogging, through SEO, by placing Google ads or conventional print ads. Finally, every prospect will be on your site - and you have the great opportunity to track and follow-up.
Tracking website visitors

First track,
then react

You don't have get stuck with Google Analytics charts. Get in contact with your visitors. Measure and score their behavior on your website and then react with automated feedback, whether by displaying tailored content, sending reminder e-mails or customized product information.
Combination outbound and inbound marketing

Merge inbound marketing and outbound

As soon you know a lead from your website, everything you need to catch up is there - print, e-mails, mobile campaigns. You'll tailor follow-up activities exactly to the information you gathered and even integrate your direct sales team by feeding the data to your CRM.

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