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How print service providers
profit from DirectSmile

Increase business without increasing
your workforce

The web offers so many opportunities for your business. One of them is to sell personalized landing pages with each of your direct mail pieces and use QR codes and PURLs to connect print and web. The good news is: using DirectSmile there's no need to employ a web specialist to design and run a data-driven website. All can be done by your graphic designer.

Sell marketing services that your
competitors don't offer

For printers, it's actually not very commonplace to supply customers with marketing services that include e-mails, mobile media and even social media. But it pays. Adding more media capabilities, you'll be able to sell entire cross media campaigns and cash in on the whole project than just settle for the low-margin print part.

Keep your customers loyal by taking
care of their data

Are you offering variable data printing? Then you already know a lot about data! We will help you to exploit this know-how even better. By constantly running data-driven marketing campaigns you'll become more and more indispensable for your clients. Our solution's ease of use ensures that you'll run even complex applications profitably.

More print volume through custom-built
marketing portals

Almost every marketing department is struggling with organizing their marketing collateral. And you have the solution! Use DirectSmile and easily set up tailored web-to-print portals that enable marketers to manage, individualize and order their print materials. You will not only enjoy a well-paid project but also your presses will be constantly fed.

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Include variable print pieces in all campaigns and marketing processes. Create your own W2P and print-on-demand applications. You will always rely on our proven VDP technologies.
Create and manage all media, all data and all processes using just one integrated tool. Seamless connectivity means faster, more cost-effective realization. There's no need for programming at all.
Use market-leading image personalization in all media. Whether high-volume printing or multi-channel campaigns, creating and integrating is easy, you can even use personalized videos.