DirectSmile VDP Studio design

VDP Studio

Desktop solution for VDP
and image personalization

Produce highly personalized print pieces with our InDesign-based entry-level solution. Vary all content and designs simply by rules and seamlessly use patented DirectSmile image personalization to boost response rates and create high-value print products. Barcode module and imposition are included.

Solution for Adobe InDesign
InDesign based

Personalize, render, print

• Automated data-driven rendering of images and documents
• Design Editor for creation of individual personalized images
• Adobe InDesign based document creation, supports layers
• Set up rules for any layout and content element
• Imposition tool for optimized output
• Create all industry-standard barcodes and QR codes
• Output PDF, PPML, JLYT

How VDP Studio works

See how you will create personalized images and variable data documents.

Test image personalization

Test image personalization
See impressive personalized images come to life with your name.

1100 ready-made images available

Motifs for VDP Studio
Ceate your own designs or choose from the print-ready images in our shop.

Free Demo Version

DirectSmile VDP Studio Version 5.0
Download free demo version, 96 MB. Generated images and documents are protected by watermarks.
Adobe InDesign is required for document creation.

VDP Studio:  individual messages and designs without limits

VDP solution for InDesign

Use Adobe InDesign
as usual

Working with Adobe InDesign you’ll find it easy to enjoy the benefits of VDP and image personalization. You’ll prepare your layouts as always, use any database and generate one seamless print data stream to your press comprising both images and documents.
Image personalized mail piece

Boost response rates
by factors

Numerous studies have proven that image personalization dramatically increases the impact of direct mail pieces. Using DirectSmile VDP Studio you will rely on the market-leading solution with unlimited design possibilities to create your own images.
Personalized calendar

Produce best-selling
print products

Looking for new markets and more profits? Whether calendars, cards, books, or gifts, image personalization will help you to offer outstanding print products that will set you apart from the competition and deliver high-margins.
Rule-driven personalization

Individualize text and
design by rules

You won't need programming skills to master the most complex personalization tasks. From variable text to styles, colors or photos, you’ll simply use logic rules for your InDesign layers. As a specialist you could also work with VB scripts.
QR codes and barcodes

Create barcodes
and QR codes

Whether for post mail dispatch, for production management or for seamless media connection through QR codes, using the included Barcode Module you will generate all the barcodes you’ll need.
Imposition VDP documents

Impose your

There is no need to switch software to prepare your print jobs. DirectSmile VDP Studio comes with a full-featured solution. See previews of the imposition with real designs, manage papers and place technical information on sheets.