Take personalized print online
with our solutions for

VDP and Web-to-Print

We know how important print is. With 10 years of experience as a supplier of VDP and Web-to-Print solutions we are making it easy for you to integrate variable documents in each and every of your web applications - whether it's a full-blown online workflow, or simply creating PURLs and personalized mail pieces out of one hand.

Your choice: browser-based, desktop or server solution

VDP Online

Work in your browser
with VDP Online

You can do it all in your browser. Import PDF files, personalize them, preview, impose and produce them, or attach them to an e-mail. Thanks to seamless integration of VDP and online capabilities you'll find it easy to even build your own print-on-demand applications for marketing collateral.
VDP solution for InDesign

Desktop solution for Adobe InDesign

There's good reason to stay with tried and tested workflows. That's why we provide you also with a InDesign-based desktop solution for variable data printing, including image personalization. Prepare your documents as usual, personalize by rules and print, or upload documents for online use.
Server solution for web-to-print

Server backend for your
web-to-print portal

Power your web-to-print portal with the most flexible variable data server backend on the market. Real-time document previews, high-performance digital print workflow and easy integration through APIs ensure you're up and running fast with high-volume web-driven print production.

Blog posts for VDP and Web-to-Print

  • Falk Dörner - 05.12.2013 15:18:12

    Online Marketing Portal

    Providing marketing materials to a large sales organization

    The Dental Instruments Marketing Center is a B2B portal that provides a broad variety of marketing materials to the large network of resellers of a producer of dentists' equipment. This database-driven media production center features advanced DirectSmile capabilities that range from online document configuration to data relations for user management.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 14:03:48

    Business Cards

    Build your own W2P applications

    Here's one small example of a web-to-print application that was entirely built with DirectSmile: Generate your own print-ready business cards including personalized images and QR codes. Whether it's the online user interface for business cards orders, the actual print documents, or the workflow, there is no external software involved.

  • Falk Dörner - 04.12.2013 12:59:03

    Merchandising Sales

    Involve customers, let them be creative

    By using DirectSmile Cross Media, you are combining the advantages of image personalization, document design and mobile websites.